when i talked the last time to my mam, she'd like to get a christmas wishing list.

i remember, i always wrote some nice words to santa on a nice paper, with frills and the most beautiful writing i had.
years went by and i stopped sending love letters up to north pole. it's poor.
'cause mam it the best one, i satisfies her wish. 

i like paper. it can be strong, can wrap little things, can be a experience.
i colored paper today. with red tea. i thought it'll be easy - it wasn't
- cook some red tea ( green, darjeeling, whatever you want )
- took a casserole and put the drawn tea in it. add your papers.
- after a while you have to 'bake' them. be careful when you try 
to put the paper on a baking tray. it'll be very soft and tearable.
-bake them with 50° about 30 min. ( no guarantee of properties
that i won't burn. so be careful and stay in the kitchen !! )
- if you are impatient like me, just take a hairdryer. (;

et voilà

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Bambi said...

ahhh so guuut, das papier hat dann einen ganz anderen charakter! coolio :-D