this are the first autumn days of the year. i was looking for them for such a long time and finally they arrived  !
you have a good sleep in autumn, you know ? S and me went for a small walk last night. it was frigid and gusty. clouds were moving fast and mr moon was glaring. down in the pleasure grounds fog overlayed the dark, wet grassland. when we came back home i felt asleep i never did before. this morning, after i ate a huge plate of pancakes, i realized that i absolutely have no circular-needles no.6. i started the body part of sweater with single-pointed needles, but i'm not cut out for them. so i took the bike ( what's kinda achy with wind and fresh air blowing in your eyes ), went downtown and bought some circular-needles out of bamboo. when i started knitting years ago i didn't like bamboo knitting needles but over the years i habituated more and more to work with wood. it's a circulation in life. bamboo wood gets hew for ( for example ) knitting needles ( why not building a house ). wool is acquiring out of sheep hair. a natural product. the same as bamboo-needles. and combining  those two natural products gets an other natural product. It's the same with foliage. deciduation is typical for autumn at northern hemisphere. animals like hedgehogs are using foliage for hibernation. why don't we use natural incident for expand lifequalities ?

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